Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ladyoutdoor's trip to Polillo (Part 4)

Day 4: the day we travel back to Manila.

Breakfast at the resort, took more photos before we head back to the Port.

Going home from Real, Quezon to C6, we passed by a lot stalls... from people selling fish, squid, crabs, shells, etc. Fruits, handicrafts: bilao, hats, swing, wooden furniture: chair, table, cabinets, rocking chair, there are even walis tingting and broom.  Laguna delicacies like buko pie, lengua de gato, espasol, etc.  So if you are traveling by car. Its going to be tempting to do a stop-over and buy these things. We actually brought a thermo chest and bought fish in Quezon.

My trip to Polilio island is a new discovery. Another proof showing how vast and creative God is. Another unforgettable travel adventure.

Day 4 expenses - Php467.00: Breakfast at the Resort Php135 + Tricycle from Resort to Polillo port Php60/head (Php300/tricycle) + Terminal fee Php2 + Lunch at Sea Horse hotel Php120 + Boat fare Php150/head.

Other pictures taken from the trip

the end........

thanks to Ladyoutdoor