Friday, September 9, 2011

Ladyoutdoor's trip to Polillo (Part 2)

Day 2:  Tricycle travel to Burdeos Town. Island hopping.

We took a 30-min tricycle from Isla Polillo Beach Resort back to the Polillo town proper. From the town, we hired 2 tricycle that will bring us to Burdeos town.  Burdeos is another town that is part of the Polilio Island. The travel time was estimated to be 2 hours.

We met Neil Conchada but known as "Bronco" by the people around the town. Tel no. (63-907) 438.94.06 He gave us a lot of information on Polilio Island.  We actually hired one of his tricycle to bring us to Burdeos.  Each tricycle Php800.00 maximum load of 4 persons.  Though we prefer to rent a jeep which is Php1,500.  Though later we learned that it should only be Php500-Php600 per tricycle rental.

We stayed in KUYA BONNS lodging. Wherein its being run by "Tita Edita" (63-912-611-3739).  She is the only lodging for rent in Burdeos Town. I can't believe our lodging was only Php100.00/head. Though don't expect anything. The lodge is very basic. Bed, pillow, blanket, thin mattress, wooden bed,  mosquito net. There is 1 comfort room shared by everyone lodging in the area.  of course, no hot water nor running showers.

After bringing down our stuffs, lunch at Tita Edita's lodge, we took the tricycle to the Burdeos Port, which is 10 mins away from the lodge. Tricycle is Php8.00/head or Php40.00/tricycle for a special trip.

Now... the island adventure starts, we headed to Anilon Island. Anilon Island is comparable to Boracay's sand. Its still virgin and undeveloped. Only a handful of residents are living there. 

We only got to visit Anilon island as we started out after lunch. We fell in love with Anilon Island and spent the entire afternoon there.

Since its Black Saturday, we were able to observe the procession. Though we missed that morning procession, Wherein locals practice the traditional passion of Christ. Locals would  volunteer go through the act of letting their backs be whipped.

After dinner, we had our courtesy visit with the Mayor Gil Establesida. Wherein his house is right beside our lodging. The Mayor wants to preserve their their town and islands as much as possible. They don't want to be like Boracay, wherein it became too commercialized.

Things I learned about Burdeous Town

    * Burdeos is one of the 3 municipalities in the island of Polilio.
    * "Burdeos" was derived from the French priest who was assigned in the church during the 1940s/50s. They found the church has a bell with 'Bordeaux" text.
    * Population is around 23,000.
    * Since population is small, they are related or at least connected to each other
    * Mode of living is fishing, rice farming and copra buyer
    * There is a "Barangay Farm Association" with 32 members who are promoting organic rice farming. No fertilizer. They have around 50 kinds of seeds. You can buy Php120/kilo of red or brown rice. They also produce the black rice (anti-cancer)
    * There are at a lot of virgin white-sand islands, sand bars which are considered as undiscovered getaways.
    * There is also a "Maputing Bato" cave in Brgy Aluyon. Which is 2-hour trek from the Burdeous town

* Minasawa Island "bird sanctuary" is near Panukulan Island. Another jump off can be from Agta island. For those who wants to see birds, its best to go super early in the morning.


Organic Farming

there is no market, they sell by going from house-to-house

 The carabao. The animal who plays an important role for the farmers

 at the end of the day, they put the rice grains on sacks. If its not yet dried, they lay it out again the next day.


    * Jeepney ride from Polillo port to Burdeos town - Php140.00/head. Jeepney departs at 10:00 am

    * Jeepney ride from Burdeos town to Polillo town or Polillo port - Php140.00/head. Jeepney departs at 1:00 am.

    * Rent a jeepney from Burdeos to pick you up in  Polillo town and bring you to Burdeos town. Contact Mang Enong Hernandez (63-907) 341.9844. Jeepney fee is Php1,500.00

    * Rent a tricycle from Polillo town. Contact Neil "Bronco" Conchada "Bronco" (63-907) 438.94.06. Tricycle fee is Php800.00. Try to haggle it down to Php500.00-Php600.00

    * If island-hopping is the itinerary, its best that you go directly to Burdeos Town.  From Real, Quezon port, ride the boat heading to "Barangay Anawan". The fare is also around Php150.00.  From Brgy Anawan, take a 30 minutes jeepney ride to Burdeos town. Jeepney fare is Php120.00.  Just ask around the schedules of departure. You can contact Tita Edita (Bonn's lodging) for guidance.

Day 2 expenses- Php1,083.00: Breakfast at Isla Polillo Resort Php135/head + Tricycle from Resort to town Php50/head (Php250.00 for 4 pax) + tricycle to Burdeos town Php400.00/head (Php800/trike) + Banca ride Php250/head (Php1,000 for half day) + tricycle to lodging Php8/head (Php40/trike) + lodging Php100.00/head + Php120/head lunch and dinner at Bonns lodge + bread snacks Php20

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